MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Arlo Parks’ ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams’ (2021)

Arlo Parks first caught my attention 2019, when she released her EP ‘Sophie’. Since then she’s won BBC Introducing’s ‘artist of the year’, released a number of singles, and became an advocate for mental health charity, CALM. The London-born singer made such an impact in the latter half of 2019 that many tipped 2020 toContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Arlo Parks’ ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams’ (2021)”

MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Celeste’s ‘Not Your Muse’ (2021)

Few debuts are as anticipated as Celeste’s ‘Not Your Muse’. The album finally dropped today, over a year after the American-born British singer was named the winner of the Brits’ ‘rising star’ award in December 2019; performing her then new single, ‘Strange’, on the 2020 awards show.  Since then Celeste has been building the hypeContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Celeste’s ‘Not Your Muse’ (2021)”

MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Porridge Radio’s ‘Every Bad’ (2020)

Porridge Radio formed in Brighton in 2015 and consist of bassist, Maddie Ryall, keyboardist, Georgie Stott, drummer, Sam Yardley, and guitarist and lead singer, Dana Margolin. Since forming, the band have slowly set about building their profile; releasing a number of albums via independent labels until, eventually, they began to be noticed in the latterContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Porridge Radio’s ‘Every Bad’ (2020)”

MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Fontaines D.C’s ‘Dogrel’ (2019)

Named after a form of traditional Irish Poetry, specifically one that is irregular in rhythm and rhyme, ‘Dogrel’ is the first studio album from Dublin quintet, Fontaines D.C. The album, produced and mixed by Dan Carey in London, arrived amid much excitement; over half of it had been released as singles before the album droppedContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Fontaines D.C’s ‘Dogrel’ (2019)”

MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Fontaines DC’s ‘A Hero’s Death’ (2020)

Arriving just over a year after their critically acclaimed debut, Dogrel, Fontaines DC’s second album aims to build on the sound that captivated audiences the world over. That said, the album does little to emulate their debut, but instead seems to depict the Irish quintet reflecting and investigating their own successes, as well as theContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Fontaines DC’s ‘A Hero’s Death’ (2020)”

MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Sam Fender’s ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ (2019)

The debut album from North Shields born Sam Fender is reminiscent of a Bruce Springsteen record, and shows him to be a musician not only interested in writing easy pop songs to satisfy popular radio stations.  Like Springsteen, Fender takes lyrical inspiration from the issues faced by the working classes, and he is quick toContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Sam Fender’s ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ (2019)”

MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ (2006)

When the greatest break-up albums are spoken of, Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ never fails to get significant consideration. With lyrics that punch you in the face and melodies inspired by some of the greatest soul musicians, Winehouse achieved not only what she herself envisioned as her follow up to her debut ‘Frank’ but alsoContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ (2006)”