MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Dry Cleaning’s ‘New Long Leg’ (2021)

Recent history has shown post-punk music to be enjoying somewhat of a resurgence; towards the end of last decade, we saw bands like Fontaines D.C and IDLES catapult the genre back into wider public conciseness and, over the last four years or so, it seems like there is now a wealth of bands and artistsContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Dry Cleaning’s ‘New Long Leg’ (2021)”

CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW: Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds of Love’ (1985)

In the summer of 1985 Kate Bush’s name had been out of the limelight for a few years; her previous album, namely 1982’s ‘The Dreaming’, had not been a commercial success, causing her to retreat into her own creativity. Her break from the public eye was to come to a dramatic end with the releaseContinue reading “CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW: Kate Bush’s ‘Hounds of Love’ (1985)”

MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘KIWANUKA’ (2019)

‘KIWANUKA’ is the third studio album from London born songwriter, Michael Kiwanuka.  The album finally won Kiwanuka his first Mercury Prize, after the singer had been nominated for the award with his first two previous records (2012’s Home Again and 2016’s Love & Hate).  The album takes the listener on a journey of Kiwanuka’s ownContinue reading “MODERN ALBUM REVIEW: Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘KIWANUKA’ (2019)”


Though perhaps not as soulful as the later additions to his discography, Ray Charles’ debut album is undoubtedly one of the albums that pioneered the genre.  The record’s first singles were released some time before the album was, when acts like Nat King Cole and Charles Brown were dominating the charts. Eventually the market’s screamsContinue reading “CLASSIC ALBUM REVIEW: RAY CHARLES’ RAY CHARLES (1957)”